Skilled renewable energy specialists

Epuron has developed a strong team of experienced, professional staff.

ANDREW DURRAN, Executive Director, Co-Founder

Andrew has more than 20 years experience in the energy industry focussed on renewable energy, including previous roles as an Associate Director of Energy Supply and Business Development at Sustainable Energy Development Authority, a directorship of Hampton Wind Farm Company, and various roles in NSW-based utilities Pacific Power and Transgrid. Andrew was an active member of the Federal Mandatory Renewable Energy Target Working Group, National Green Power Accreditation Steering Group, and the NSW Sustainable Energy Research and Advisory Council (SERDAC).

BE (Elec, Hons), MBA (Technology Management).


MARTIN POOLE, Executive Director, Co-Founder

Martin has more than 20 years experience in the energy industry in Australia and the UK. Martin is currently a member of the Warren Centre of Advanced Engineering. Before joining EPURON, Martin served as Vice President of Market Development for Powerline GES Pty, Ltd and consulted to numerous energy companies in Australia and the UK, including: Energy Australia, IPART, NSW Sustainable Energy Development Authority, and Combined Heat and Power Association in London.

BA, M.Eng (Chem). PhD, U. Syd


ANDREW WILSON, Construction Manager

Andrew has more than 20 years experience in the construction and energy industries. Prior to joining Epuron Andrew had roles in developing and constructing renewable energy projects at AGL and Meridian Energy where he was responsible for the construction of the Wattle Point Wind Farm which was the largest wind farm in Australia at the time. Previous positions include 10 years with construction contractor Downer Engineering delivering multi-discipline projects.

B.Sc (Mech Eng), MBA (U. Waikato)


DONNA BOLTON, Senior Project Manager

Donna has more than 15 years experience in the Australian and UK renewables industry. Donna is contract manager for a remote solar project in the Northern Territory and led the planning and land tenure for the Silverton Wind Farm, the largest approved wind farm proposal in Australia. Prior to joining Epuron, Donna worked for AGL Energy, Southern Hydro and Meridian Energy, progressing a number of projects including the Macarthur Wind Farm in Victoria and various gas projects in Queensland.


 Anthony Melov

ANTHONY MELOV, Solar Projects Manager

Anthony has more than 11 years experience in the implementation of renewable energy projects in Australia and overseas.  He has been directly involved in the origination, development, financing and analysis of projects totaling nearly 2,000 MW of operating capacity.  Anthony’s experience ranges from Australian solar photovoltaic rooftop projects to a 1,550 MW wind energy project currently under construction in California.  Anthony has previously worked with Meridian Energy, Allco Wind Energy, Macquarie and renewable energy companies operating in the USA, UK, Mexico and South Africa.




Michelle works across a number of Epuron’s projects, particularly focussing on landowner liaison, consultation, and new site investigation. In addition, Michelle has 8 years experience in office management and accounts, a role she continues to undertake at Epuron.

B. Health Science


DANIEL GILBERT, Project Manager

Daniel is an engineer and project manager, primarily involved with the technical operation of our solar energy portfolio. Daniel’s activities involve project development, technical analysis of solar and wind energy systems, hardware management and technical support, mapping and database design.

BE (PV and Solar Energy) (Hons), UNSW

 pic  009

JESSICA PICTON, Project Manager

Jessica has worked in the renewable energy industry for over eight years and has been involved in over 1,000MW of wind and solar farm developments in Australia and abroad. Jessica’s experience covers project design, development and construction, with a special interest in solar projects.

BE (PV and Solar Energy) (Hons), UNSW


VIRGIL ROBINSON, Project Manager

Virgil’s activities for Epuron include project development, technical analysis of wind farms, mapping, wind monitoring mast maintenance and photomontage construction for visual assessment. Virgil has recently finished his studies at the University of Sydney.

BSc (Environmental Studies and Biology), U. Syd.


DAVID ROBINSON, Internal Counsel

David has practiced in planning, environmental, property and commercial law since 1986. David worked for Gadens, the Environmental Defender’s Office and the Environment Protection Authority before resuming work as a sole practitioner in 2001. David lectures in planning and environmental law at the University of Technology Sydney. He co-edited Environmental Responsibilities Law Service (NSW) 1994-2007.

BA, M. Laws (graduand), U. Syd



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