A portfolio of renewable energy projects

Epuron holds a growing portfolio of smaller renewable energy projects (up to around 30 Megawatts) at various stages of development.

With smaller projects, the portfolio approach complements the larger-scale projects being developed by Epuron, and allows Epuron to directly invest in operational projects:

  • Smaller sites can be commercially attractive, have strong economics and shorter development lead times
  • A portfolio of small site diversifies the variability of wind energy on any given day, improving performance
  • Smaller sites have a significantly larger number of potential customers for the power generated, including direct sales to large customers and to all electricity retailers
  • A portfolio of smaller sites can be developed with smaller regular ongoing investments and significant diversification, providing safe and reliable returns
  • Smaller-scale projects can connect to lower voltage transmission and distribution networks than larger-scale projects, creating the scope to explore for wind resources across larger areas of Australia.

Epuron Projects is a green field project developer, and aims to increase its ownership stake in operating wind farms and solar energy projects as they are developed and built.

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