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Epuron provides services to various clients in the renewable energy industry, including:

  • Resource monitoring for wind and solar energy projects, including hardware installation and maintenance, data capture and management
  •  Development services including site finding, conceptual design, site assessment, landowner and community relations, and Development Consents
  •  Pre-construction services including wind resource and yield assessment, site layouts, DA compliance, landowner and community relations, turbine selection and tendering

Epuron has provided services to a range of clients ranging from individual landowners interested in wind farm development, to industrial customers and mining companies, to major energy utilities.

For Landowners

Typical services for Landowners include:

  • initial site investigation and recommendations on development
  • establishment of wind monitoring equipment (including wind masts and / or SODAR), wind data management, quality assurance, and assessment of wind speeds at the site
  • indicative site analysis & feasibility assessment at the site

These services can lead to broader scale development either by the Landowner, by Epuron, or by a 3rd party.

For Utilities and Industry

Typical services for utilities, mining companies, independent power producers and other industry participants include:

  • identifying and screening potential sites, including using Epuron’s wind monitoring network and detailed mapping
  • wind monitoring including establishing wind masts and / or SODAR, wind data management, quality assurance, and assessment of wind speeds at the site
  • conceptual design including initial site investigation, site layout, equipment sizing, turbine micro-siting, connection options analysis, feasibility assessment, and recommendations on development
  • securing land tenure including identifying relevant landowners and securing appropriate land agreements
  • community consultation and information dissemination
  • managing development studies, planning applications and approvals
  • managing grid connection studies, applications and approvals
  • project feasibility assessment , financial modelling and power off-take negotiations
  • procurement including wind turbine / solar array and balance of plant selection and procurement


Gullen Range – Development Services to Tianrun

Development services through the pre-construction and construction phases, including landowner management, community consultation, wind assessment, wind monitoring, and layout design.


Mining Sector Client – Wind Feasibility Assessment

Initial concept design and feasibility assessment including recommendations on potential development areas and necessary wind monitoring program to test viability.

Establishment and operation of wind monitoring masts and SODAR, ongoing wind data management, quality assurance.

Wind speed assessment, yield assessment and feasibility analysis.

Conceptual design including coordination with the mine manager to determine the optimal connection and operation procedures with the diesel generation system.


Landowner – Wind monitoring tower installation

Recommendations on wind monitoring program followed by establishment and operation of wind monitoring mast on the site together with ongoing wind data management and quality assurance.


NSW Government – Management of wind monitoring network

Managing 15 tall monitoring towers owned by the NSW Government.
Services included recommissioning existing masts after initial safety checks, ongoing operation and maintenance, and data management including quality assurance checks.


Private Clients – Wind Monitoring and SODAR

Epuron operates the largest network of tall wind monitoring towers in Australia, both for itself and for 3rd party clients. Its own wind monitoring network is the most extensive in Australia.

Epuron was the first company to deploy Fulcrum3D’s FS1 SODAR in the field, and has considerable experience in SODAR deployment.

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