A track record of success

Epuron has a strong track record of development success in both wind and solar energy projects. It has obtained approval for over 700 wind turbines in NSW alone, with the majority of projects on track for construction.



Cullerin Range Wind Farm

One of Epuron’s first projects, the Cullerin Range Wind Farm, was sold to Origin Energy in December 2007 and began operating in July 2009.

A testament to Epuron’s development expertise, this 30 Megawatt wind farm provided nation-leading performance in 2010 with the highest output per unit capacity of any wind farm located in the National Electricity Market.

Epuron was responsible for the development of the project from green-field through to development consent. Epuron subsequently procured the wind turbines and tendered the relevant balance of plant contracts before transferring the site to Origin Energy.


TKLN Solar

Epuron’s TKLN Solar project has been supplying power to three remote communities in the Northern Territory since 1 January 2013. 

The solar power stations can supply up to 80% of each community’s power needs at a given instance and up to 30% each day using the innovative Grid Stability System which smooths output between the solar and diesel power stations at the communities of Ti Tree, Kalkarindgi and Lake Nash.

Epuron is responsible for the development, financing, construction and operation of the project, selling all the electricity under a long term power purchase agreement. TKLN Solar was built with the assistance of Federal Government grant funding.


Silverton Wind Farm

In an iconic setting west of Broken Hill, the proposed Silverton Wind Farm has the potential to supply as much as 5% of NSW’s electricity needs. At up to 598 turbines, the project could be by far the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Originated by Epuron, Silverton Wind Farm was being developed under a joint venture with Macquarie Capital Wind Fund.

Epuron was responsible for the development of the project from green-field through to development consent. Epuron was also responsible for managing the land acquisition, grid connection and operated and maintained all wind monitoring on the site.


Wind Monitoring and SODAR

Epuron operates the largest network of tall wind monitoring towers in Australia, both for itself and for 3rd party clients. Its own wind monitoring network is the most extensive in Australia.

Epuron was the first company to deploy Fulcrum3D’s FS1 SODAR in the field, and is providing considerable expertise to Fulcrum3D allowing it to optimise its data QA and delivery systems.

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