We actively engage with local communities

Epuron’s role is to develop wind and solar energy projects which provide clean electricity for general use. This directly reduces the amount of fossil fuel used, reduces our contribution to climate change, reduces local pollution, and reduces water consumption in coal fired power stations. This is inherently for the public good, providing benefits this year, next year and into the future.

While these benefits are felt by the public as a whole, our work will have additional impacts on and in the vicinity of the project site. Some of these impacts will be very beneficial, such as providing additional jobs and economic activity. Other impacts may be less beneficial, such as any intrusion on amenity. Epuron recognises its responsibility to actively engage with the community in the vicinity of our projects. We want to build a dialogue with the community which is built on trust and fairness.

Community Consultation

Epuron’s consultation process is designed to:

  • introduce Epuron and outline its activities and how it goes about its business;
  • build positive, trust-based relationships with the local community, and to deal openly and fairly in all discussions with the community;
  • ensure that each person who wishes to engage with Epuron in relation to a project has ample opportunity to do so;
  • earn the trust of the local stakeholders as a critical first step in becoming a long term member of the community.

In relation to wind farms and solar energy projects, Epuron’s objectives are to:

  • understand community concerns in relation to potential impacts of these projects;
  • enhance the understanding and acceptance of wind and solar energy projects and their role in providing clean energy to Australian energy users;
  • provide factual information in relation to wind and solar energy projects, their impacts (both positive and negative) and their operation.

Our consultation aims to go beyond whether someone likes the idea of a wind farm or not; it is focussed on understanding the issues, representing them clearly, mitigating or eliminating impacts where possible, and maximising the benefits available from the project.

2-way communications

For each project, Epuron prepares a detailed project consultation plan based on our Community Consultation Framework. The level, type and purpose of consultation is adjusted to reflect the stage of development and extent of information available about the project. Epuron will use a combination of approaches including:

  • local media
  • newsletters and direct mail to residents
  • information dissemination and feedback mechanisms through the Projects section of this website
  • one on one meetings and small group meetings with residents and neighbours
  • “open house” meetings organised by Epuron
  • presentations to community groups
  • participation in community consultation groups
  • direct phone and email contact with the project manager

Feedback and comment is always welcome.

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