Is my property a good wind farm site?

Epuron can assess your site and give you an indication of whether a successful wind farm could be viable.

What’s in it for landowners?

Landowners who have wind farms built on their properties receive payment for use of their land, usually through a lease fee arrangement providing an annual payment for each wind turbine (and related infrastructure) on the land.

This payment is a great second source of income for farmers. It supplements farming income in good years, and in years of drought becomes even more important as it may be the sole source of income. And there is no risk to the farmer attached to this revenue – there is no need to outlay funds up front to receive the returns.

As an example, for a landowner hosting 5 wind turbines, a typical $10,000 per turbine payment could result in $50,000 per annum payment for the 20 – 30 year life of the project. This is a significant benefit to the landowner, and also the broader community through increasing economic activity the area.

How would I be affected by a wind farm on my property?

Once operational, wind farms do not significantly affect the existing operation of a farm. Stock are not affected by the turbines, and all footings and cabling are buried well below normal ploughing depth. Any new access tracks can be used by the landowner also, and are not required to be fenced off.

The land area taken up for a wind farm is generally very small – wind farms usually take up less than 1% of the property on which they are located, and most of this is on the poorer high country.

Generally once a wind farm is operating the requirements for access are limited. Most turbine operation is done automatically, and communication with the wind farm is done remotely via telephone links. Regular maintenance is required, and in some cases repairs may be necessary. Most of this can be scheduled to minimize any disruption to the farmer.

How long does it take?

Development typically takes between 3 and 5 years from start of development to commencement of construction. Construction will then last for 12 – 18 months, with the wind farm operating for 20 – 30 years.

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