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    • 20 Aug 15 |
      Commissioning of Expanded Uterne Solar Plant in Alice Springs, Australia
      Epuron Solar has completed commissioning of an expansion of the Uterne Solar Plant in Alice Springs. The plant, which was constructed for Epuron Solar by SunPower, will substantially increase the amount of cost-competitive, solar-generated electricity supplied to the local Alice Springs electricity network which is operated by the Northern Territory’s Power and Water Corporation.
      Author: Epuron Solar Pty Ltd
    • 3 Nov 14 |
      Sale of Rye Park Wind Farm Development
      Epuron has completed the sale of the Rye Park Wind Farm project to Trustpower Limited (NZ) via its subsidiary Rye Park Renewable Energy Pty Ltd.
      Author: Epuron
    • 21 Dec 12 |
      Epuron sponsors AIE National Conference
      Epuron recently sponsored and chaired the Renewables session of the Australian Institute of Energy National Conference 2012. Through this support, we hope to have helped the broader energy industry improve its understanding of and engagement with a range of important issues current in the energy debate, with a particular focus on renewable energy. The sessions were very well attended and we congratulate the AIE on a very well run conference, and also the various speakers on their delivery of w
      Author: Epuron
    • 3 Oct 12 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Epuron acquires 1-Megawatt Uterne Solar project
      Media Release - Epuron acquires the 1-Megawatt Uterne Solar project from SunPower
      Author: Epuron
    • 27 Jul 12 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Acquisition of Yass wind farms
      Epuron today announced the acquisition of the Yass Valley Wind Farm and Conroy’s Gap Wind Farm projects from Origin Energy.
      Author: Epuron
    • 27 Jul 12 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Acquisition of Yass wind farms
      Epuron today announced the acquisition of the Yass Valley Wind Farm and Conroy’s Gap Wind Farm projects from Origin Energy.
      Author: Epuron
    • 17 Jul 12 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - White Rock Approved
      Epuron’s proposed White Rock Wind Farm has received planning approval from the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure. This is an important milestone for the project, which is located west of Glen Innes in northern NSW.
      Author: Epuron
    • 23 Mar 12 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Sale of Silverton Wind Farm
      Epuron today announced the purchase by AGL of the Silverton Wind Farm, bringing the project one step closer to construction. The sale is the culmination of a successful development program for Epuron.
      Author: Epuron
    • 2 Feb 12 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Eden Community Fund
      Epuron today announced it would establish the Eden Wind Farm Community Fund as a result of the construction of the proposed Eden Wind Farm.
      Author: Epuron
    • 14 Nov 11 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Return to local ownership
      Epuron was today acquired by Fulcrum Energy after a buy-out by Epuron’s existing management. As a result, Epuron returns to 100% Australian ownership for the first time since 2005.
      Author: Epuron
    • 16 Feb 11 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Sale of Gullen Range
      Goldwind Australia and Epuron have entered into an agreement that will see Goldwind supply its state-of-the-art wind turbine generators for the Gullen Range Wind Farm.
      Author: Epuron
    • 5 Nov 10 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - White Rock Response Positive
      Epuron is pleased with the positive response and feedback received during the information day
      Author: Epuron
    • 20 Oct 10 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Information Day for Glen Innes
      Epuron is pleased to invite the local community to an information day on Wednesday 3rd November 2010
      Author: Epuron
    • 11 May 10 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Gullen Range Court Approval
      On Friday 7 May, the NSW Land and Environment Court confirmed the Planning Approval for Epuron’s Gullen Range Wind Farm.
      Author: Epuron
    • 3 Jul 09 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Gullen Range Approved
      The Minister for Planning, the Hon. Kristina Keneally has announced that the Gullen Range Wind Farm, located approximately 25km west of Goulburn in the NSW Southern Tablelands, has received Project Approval for 73 wind turbines.
      Author: Epuron
    • 3 Jun 09 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Silverton Wind Farm Approved
      The NSW Government has approved the first stage of the biggest wind farm in Australia creating more than 800 construction and operational jobs in Silverton near Broken Hill.
      Author: Premier of New South Wales
    • 3 Jun 09 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Announcement Welcomed
      Broken Hill City Council has welcomed the announcement today by NSW Premier Nathan Rees that the first stage of the Silverton Wind Farm project has received NSW Government approval.
      Author: Broken Hill City Council
    • 7 Oct 08 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Investigations begin near Yass
      EPURON has commenced investigation into the feasibility of a wind farm to the west and south west of Yass in the NSW Southern Tablelands.
      Author: Epuron
    • 8 Jan 08 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Sale of 3 Wind Projects
      Epuron today announced it has agreed to sell three of its wind power generation projects to electricity retailer, Origin Energy. The three projects, all located in New South Wales, have development consent to produce up to 30MW of electricity each.
      Author: Epuron
    • 8 Jan 08 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Epuron signs Joint Venture
      Epuron Pty Ltd and Macquarie Capital Group Pty Limited have signed a joint framework agreement for developing, financing and building Australia’s biggest wind farm in Silverton, far western New South Wales Australia.
      Author: Epuron
    • 5 Sep 07 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Epuron start on Gullen Range
      Epuron has now submitted a Project Application to the Department of Planning seeking its requirements for the Environmental Assessment of the project.
      Author: Epuron
    • 23 Jul 07 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Investigations at Gullen Range
      Epuron begins investigations for a new wind farm project at Gullen Range near Goulburn, NSW.
      Author: Epuron
    • 7 Jun 07 |
      MEDIA RELEASE - Conroy's Gap Approved
      Epuron today received development approval for the Conroy’s Gap Wind Farm from the NSW Planning Minister Frank Sartor.
      Author: Epuron
  • Submissions & Policy Statements
      - Government Submissions
    • 11 Jun 14 |
      Submission to the Expert Panel on the Review of the RET
      Epuron's recent submission to the Renewable Energy Target review
      Author: Epuron
    • 10 Jan 13 |
      Licensing of Wind Farms - POEO Regulations
      Epuron's response to the proposed amendment of the Protection of the Environment Operations Regulation (NSW) to incorporate new obligations on and licensing of wind farms.
      Author: Epuron
    • 14 Mar 12 |
      Response to draft Wind Farm Guidlines
      Epuron responds to the NSW Government's draft Wind Farm Planning Guidlines. While the push for more consultation is good, the uncertainty raised by the guidlines must be addressed to ensure NSW remains competitive in attracting up to $10 Billion in rural renewable energy investment.
      Author: Epuron
  • Project Updates
      - Newsletters
    • 14 Aug 14 |
      Liverpool Range Wind Farm Newsletter 11
      August 2014
      Author: Epuron
    • 3 Jul 14 |
      Yass Valley Wind Farm Newsletter July 2014
      Epuron’s consultation with stakeholders is continuing including through CCC meetings, newsletters, media articles, the website and direct correspondence. Please contact us if you would like to be put on our direct mailing list.
      Author: Epuron
    • 20 Jun 14 |
      Rye Park Wind Farm FAQ - June 2014
      Epuron has compiled a Frequently Asked Questions information sheet for Rye Park Wind Farm to assist in answering many of the common questions that were asked at the 1st community open day during the exhibition period.
      Author: Epuron
    • 20 Jun 14 |
      Rye Park Wind Farm Newsletter - June 2014
      A summary review of the 1st community open day held during the exhibition period and information on the 2nd community open day and where to access the EA.
      Author: Epuron
    • 22 Jan 13 |
      White Rock Wind Farm Update
      The feasibility of an alternative 132kV powerline route from the wind farm site to TransGrid’s existing 330kV transmission line has been investigated. Epuron carried out an environmental assessment of the alternative powerline route and submitted a modification application and details of the assessment to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure. The planning documents will be on public exhibition from Wednesday 30 January until Friday 15 February 2013.
      Author: Epuron
    • 19 Oct 12 |
      Liverpool Range Wind Farm Newsletter - Oct 2012
      Epuron is fast-tracking the development of the first stage of Liverpool Range Wind Farm.
      Author: Epuron
  • Community Attitudes & Consultation
      - Consultation
    • 19 Mar 13 |
      Project Feedback - Have Your Say
      Feel free to have your say by completing and emailing this survey form to Epuron.
      Author: Epuron
    • 13 Mar 12 |
      Epuron Community Consultation Framework
      Epuron's revised Community Consultation Framework forms the basis of its project-specific community consultation activities. Epuron aims to enagge with communities on the basis of open dialogue and trust.
      Author: Epuron
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