TKLN Solar

TKLN Solar

Epuron’s TKLN Solar takes its name from an abbreviation of three Northern Territory communities – Ti Tree, Kalkarindgi and Lake Nash (also known as Alpurrurulam) where three solar power stations have been installed.

TKLN Solar has a combined capacity of 1MW and has been contributing emission-free power to remote communities in the Northern Territory since January 1, 2013. The three solar power stations are capable of providing high instantaneous solar penetration (up to 80% of power demand at any instant) and up to 30% of the average daily electricity consumed at each community.

Each of the TKLN Solar power stations has a sophisticated Epuron designed proprietary Grid Stability System (GSS) which maximises solar energy input to the existing diesel grid without affecting the diesel generators or the continuous supply of power to the community. The large size of these systems and their high renewable energy contribution distinguishes them from other hybrid systems in Australia.

Epuron is also trialing a CloudCAM cloud detection and short term solar forecasting system to help optimise the overall system management by predicting fluctuations in instantaneous solar powe output. This allows better management of the energy storage system, increasing its lifetime as well as allowing improved performance.

Epuron designed, developed, financed, constructed and operates the project which was built with the assistance of grant funding from the Federal Government. TKLN Solar sells all of its output to the NT’s Power and Water Corporation and Territory Generation.

In July 2013 TKLN Solar won two prestigious awards from the Northern Division of Engineers Australia – the Engineering Excellence Award for Research, Development and Innovation and the Australian Solar Council Award for Sustainability.

TKLN Solar – another Epuron renewable energy project making a social, environmental and financial difference

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