Yass Valley Wind Farm

Yass Valley Wind Farm

The proposed Yass Valley Wind Farm is to be located west of Yass in NSW.  The project was approved by the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) on 30 March 2016.  The project has been under development since 2009.  When first conceived the project included more than 150 wind turbines.

Epuron was responsible for the development of the project from detailed site analysis, concept design, onsite wind monitoring, and submission of the Development Application and related Environmental Assessment prior to sale of the site to Origin Energy in 2009.  In 2012, Epuron purchased the project back from Origin.  Through a number of refinements based on feedback from the community, expert consultants and government stakeholders, the size of the project was reduced by the proponent to 124 wind turbines.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment accepted and exhibited the Preferred Project Report in December 2012.  Eight submissions were made as a result of the three month public exhibition of the project.  The Department subsequently referred to this exhibited Preferred Project Report as version 1 and asked for changes to the project. Four sets of changes were made to the Preferred Project and Submissions Report, each report replacing the previous version.  The Department has exhibited all of the versions – 90 documents in total – under the Preferred Project and Submission Report tab on their website.  The final version – referred to as PPSR V5 is the most recent version. 

Subsequent information was presented to the PAC and can be found under the “Additional Information” tab at http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment was responsible for assessment of the project and for making a recommendation to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC), the consent authority for this project. In February 2015 the Department recommended refusal of the project.  Epuron then presented PAC with its response to the Departments recommendation.

 In April 2015 the PAC subsequently returned the application to the Department requesting it to review its report and recommendations.

The Department recommended approval of the project to PAC in February 2016 and the PAC approved it on 30  March 2016.

The Yass Valley Wind Farm can be found on the Major Projects Assessment section of the NSW Planning website listed as Yass Wind Farm.

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