Think electric, think Green Power

Vehicle use typically provides for around a third of household greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, it makes sense to reduce your car use as much as possible, and to get the cleanest vehicle that suits your needs.

A number of hybrid electric vehicles are now available with lower greenhouse gas emissions than comparable vehicles. These cars work by using electricity to power the wheels, with a small petrol or diesel engine on board to recharge the batteries when they get flat, and to providing additional power when required for driving (for example up hills).

However, an even cleaner option is coming.

Tesla Roadster, a performance EV

100% electric vehicles (“EVs”) are now available and are ideally suited to city driving, and in some cases have long enough range for longer expeditions as well.  These vehicles have larger batteries which are charged overnight from your normal household electricity supply. While EVs have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions even further, this is entirely dependent on where the electricity comes from to power them.

If EVs are powered by fossil fuels, all that is happening is the emissions are being moved from the tail pipe to a power station’s exhaust chimneys.

Check out this excellent 5 minute video which explains it all!

If you want a clean EV, its important to buy Green Power.

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